Why Same-Sex Couples Prefer Surrogacy

Are you in a healthy, happy relationship? Do you feel like you’ve finally found the right person you’d like to start a family and grow old with? In an ideal world, love would be able to conquer every infertility challenge. Unfortunately, it is currently impossible for same-sex couples to have a biological child without medical assistance. That’s why many same-sex couples turn to surrogacy to help them build a family.

While there are many reasons why same-sex couples may turn to surrogacy, here are a few of the most common ones:

Gay couples: Male partners usually turn to surrogacy more often than lesbians. Guys simply can’t get pregnant. Therefore, they usually need to find a surrogate who can give birth to their babies for them.

Lesbians: While many lesbians may not need to use a surrogate to have a baby, there are some instances when surrogacy can be useful. If one or both of the women are infertile, a surrogate may be needed. Or, if neither partner can decide who should be pregnant, it might be best to choose a nonbiased third-party to carry the baby for them.

Better Choice Than Adoption: Surrogacy is a better method than adoption because it is often quicker and less stressful. With adoption, there’s always a chance that the biological mother will change her mind before or after her baby is born, leaving you without a baby or in the midst of a tense legal battle. However, with surrogacy, you and the surrogate agree that this baby is yours before you even start the procedure. Also, you don’t have to wait years before someone finally picks you to be the parent of her baby. With surrogacy, you can simply choose your preferred surrogate and wait to hear the good news.

We believe that everyone should enjoy the blessings of parenthood. If you have any questions concerning surrogacy, egg donation, or infertility, please contact us.