When To Consider Surrogacy

Many couples try to have a child for years on their own or with the help of fertility treatments before they decide to look into alternative options. Others discover early on that they will never be able to carry a child to full-term and they start researching surrogacy right off the back. Whatever your story, you’re not alone in wondering if surrogacy is right for you and your family. Here are a few things to think about when deciding if you should pursue having a child via surrogacy:

Genetics: Do you care whether you’re related to your child or not? Some people don’t have a preference either way. However, many people would prefer to pass on their genetics, if possible. Decide now if this is an important aspect in your final decision.

Time: Many couples look into both surrogacy and adoption, only to choose surrogacy because it’s often a faster process. It can take months, or even years before you’ll be chosen to adopt a child. However, most surrogates become pregnant after the first attempt.

Budget: Our surrogacy rates are reasonable and fair. We ensure high-quality experiences for intended parents and surrogates at an affordable rate. However, the cost of surrogacy is not cheap. You can learn more about the fees involved in surrogacy here. Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss a financial plan for how you can pay the surrogacy costs.

At EDSI, we believe that everyone should enjoy the blessings of parenthood. If you have any questions concerning infertility, surrogacy, or egg donation, please contact us.